Will not allow you to search for specific transactions over a certain period of time. You can only open up 1 month at a time and where you noted a memo for any transactions you have to separately open up a pictured icon to see what the memo was.

Such bull. It is definitely a cause for frustration. I do not know what they were thinking of, but the team who designed it should be fired. It also knocked me off more than 4 times and asked me to sign in again.

Then it locked me out. I am pulling my money out and going else where .

They do not even show a contact email address. There interest rate isn't worth putting up with this nonsense.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One 360 Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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New website sucks. I withdrew my money.

If the fix it I may return.

Bad move Cap 360. Never good to *** off customers.


Agreed - the new website is horrible. The old one was great and worked fine.

I definitely prefer the old website over the new one. I am also considering banking elsewhere due to this.


Whoever designed this new website needs to be fired. Immediately.

How much money do I have?

I don't know. I have to get out a calculator and add up every single sub account.


Oh my word, I can see my account balances from 20+ feet away when i'm at work with a 30" monitor. I guess I'm not banking while in the office anymore if I expect privacy!

What also used to be 1 or 2 easy clicks is now a game of Hide-n-Seek. Someone needs to be fired over this, but sadly will probably get some kind of participation trophy!


I agree with every grip here. The new website is horrible.

There is no logic in its new design. Its frustrating that the accounts are not lined up so that you can get an accurate picture of your totals.


This website is complete garbage. The old website worked perfectly fine. Time to move my money away from Capital One.


I hate this new website I'm seriously considering moving my money. I cannot open a CD from my account without opening another screen and having to log in again.

Then its a gamble if the site will just freeze or actually allow me to proceed. 99% of the time it just stalls out or gives me a message that they are experiencing technical difficulties.

I NEVER want to hear those words when it comes to my money. The slightly higher interest rate is irrelevant if I can't get to my money.


And it's so slow and most of the time it does not log in


Can't get to an amortization schedule on my mortgage. I would quit this bank in a second if I didn't have this load with them.

The lack of access to my own information is almost criminal.

Can't even change my address on the profile page. WTF??


As a consumer that is legally blind, the new website is totally useless. Images do not get bills paid and every large financial business could take a lead from Berkshire Hathaway.

Com where it is obvious "LESS IS MORE".

Bill Gates and windows need to try and stop forcing Xbox and other gaming pages via business venue and allow personal computers to totally remove such features when they do not want them.There are many people in the world and not every one wants gaming pages or will rely on image files to purchase products or services. Give humanity credit, after all why do we have brains, for thinking.


Absolutely horrible new website. No logic in the navigation.

Needs too many clicks to do anything. Please CO bring back the old site !!


Hopefully they don't fix it, but if you paste this url in your address bar after you login you can still see the old website. https://secure.capitalone360.com/myaccount/banking/account_summary.vm


you my friend are a god send!!!!!


Thank you so much!!!


I liked the original better. I could see a lot more information in one screen and plan my scheduled transactions easier.

The new site is a usability disaster even after getting used to it. I also experience frequent errors and timeouts requiring me to login again even though my activity was not idle. This is the last straw for me and I'm moving my money to Ally with better interest rates anyway.

I can't say their site design is much better, but at least it doesn't error out on me. Bring back my old ING direct site!!


Thanks for this info!


website was fine before, now it's a total disaster


Yes, agreed, the new website is complete garbage. They tried to make one site for both mobile and desktop and that never works well.

As others have stated, trying to search is impossible, printing out pages and you get like 6 items on a page. Trying to apply for a mortgage where they want recent transactions and this is making it extremely difficult.


Absolute garbage!

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