Will not allow you to search for specific transactions over a certain period of time. You can only open up 1 month at a time and where you noted a memo for any transactions you have to separately open up a pictured icon to see what the memo was.

Such bull. It is definitely a cause for frustration. I do not know what they were thinking of, but the team who designed it should be fired. It also knocked me off more than 4 times and asked me to sign in again.

Then it locked me out. I am pulling my money out and going else where .

They do not even show a contact email address. There interest rate isn't worth putting up with this nonsense.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One 360 Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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this is by far the most difficult web site I have ever used. The tax form will not print the numbers so anyone can read them.

cannot contact them by computer. JR


Terrible...Can't sign up for on-line access despite calls to the number they provide that "will have you back on track in a jiffy". Wife, who had a sign in to our credit card account was able to gain access to our savings account after calling support number but failed after two tries setting up a cd account. Never seen a worse web site for a major commercial account.


It's really bad. It takes several minutes to log in every time.

They got rid of their app and also keep stripping away features (like online bill pay). I opened another account at a competing bank and will be transferring all my funds there.


Yep. I also hate the new website. I sent lengthy feedback months ago, but it continues to be the same terrible website.


It's awful that you can't search by transaction amount. I'm switching banks after 20 years.


It is awful. They still have not loaded check numbers or photos.

I have to go through my register to find out what checks cleared. I'm with you, designer should be fired.


Web interface does not allow to link a new card account. Awesome total crap.


Absolute worst website redesign in the longest time. Do you really need 1/3 of the screen at the top to say "good evening"?

Do you really need every account to be in font size 72 instead of the nice line by line account listing they used to have? I have yet to figure out where to find my scheduled repeating transactions. Worst.

Design. Ever.


I thought l was the only one. They are getting out of the record keeping and storage business.

You can only go back 2 years of banking history. Only 2 years! That's not service. They keep our money but refuse to give us records.

And the website .? Designed by 19 year old tech grads.

Not Veteran knowledgeable Designers...l needed a record from 2015 badly..and could not go back 3 years! I'm beyond pissed.


Heres a fix Log in as you normally would and then use this link https://secure.capitalone360.com/myaccount/banking/account_summary.vm That will bring the old look back


It's not working for me...


Thank you for the URL --- I just spent 45 minutes chatting with Capital One 360.....why the H*** they didn't give me this URL I can't imagine. In the end, Capital One told me this was a known problem and there was no ETA when it would be resolved; they suggested I log into my individual credit card accounts and pay each of them directly!!!


Also agree, I will be looking for a different bank. Thanks for ruining your customer experience, Capital One.


Their old website was the best banking website I've ever used. Their new one is the absolute worst.

I have my church's accounts with CapitalOne -- now, they are interspersed with my personal accounts.

No total. I was so angry that, the first day they foisted this upon me, after leaving a message (that also suggested firing the designer), I applied to my credit union to refinance my car loan, which went through -- and I'm paying less than a third of the interest -- so I won't be paying Capital One interest any more!


Hate the new website so much want to take my funds out. Horrible.


Totally agree! Cannot see my Bill Pay in a format that makes sense, cannot view activity on bill pay, instead you have to search back through transactions.


Ugh, I hate the new website. I used to be able to see all my accounts and balances on one screen without having to scroll down and do a hunt.

They also removed the total balances, so now if I want to know my total, I have to calculate it myself. Whoever designed the new website must not have any bank accounts, or common sense. Don't forget to submit your feedback on their website at the bottom left-hand corner.

I've been clicking on the angry-face emoji like crazy. Hope they get the hint.


Me too! I've been clicking that angry face!

Annnnd they refuse to give you a itemized carbon receipt as a formal transction at the counter. Or give you a balance receipt at ATM unless you make a transaction. They give you 2 year review if history. They are cutting down on all services.

Just keeping your money. And tge website was designed by babies of the tech world.

They don't have a glue. I'm pissed.


Worst website design ever! It's completely dysfunctional. I hope they revert back soon, or I will take my money elsewhere.


I hate the new website. If I want an app, i'll use my phone. put the old website back.

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