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If anyone has 360 from Capital One, you've seen the changes on the website if you They wanted to make it look more like the app is what I was told by a rep at Capital One. They're incredibly nice over the phone and help as much as they can, so I cannot fault the reps for what the IT department has done.

I hate when companies do this. They need a team/person that tells them their website looks like an arcade game, instead of a bank. Why would you want to make the website look more like the app? It should be the other way around...always.

First off, there are two columns showing my accounts. I have several checking and savings accounts. Not because I'm a baller, but because it's easier to pay bills and save money. Now, in my case, they added my Buy Power Credit Card into the mix and I can't see anything.

It won't show me a single transaction. Speaking of which; one of my checking accounts always says "We've hit a snag and are unable to pull up your pending transactions" or something along those lines. I forgot the exact wording. I love this bank.

I love their service. I love their people. The tech team needs to go. They should not be proud of a website that is incredibly confusing.

I do UI/UX for a living and the simplest fix for this is: put all the accounts on the left hand side like a banner, which allows you to then click which one you want and a snapshot of it shows to the right.

If you want to go more in depth, you click a button to expand but minimize all the accounts in the banner on the left hand side. That should always be there, roving even while scrolling.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One 360 Website.

Reason of review: Website Technical Difficulties.

Preferred solution: Fix the website! I'll even consult. Accounts as a banner on the left, clickable. Then show the snapshot of the clicked account on the right thus minimizing all the accounts but keeping them visible so you know your balances..

Capital One 360 Pros: Creativity.

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I despise this new interface. Every time I've logged on, I've had to speak with a representative to do the most basic tasks (print transactions in a certain date range, change the name of an account).

I can't see the total of all my accounts on one page.

I can't even see all my accounts on one page. It's the worst.


Having the "upcoming payments" horizontally at the top of the screen makes absolutely no sense. I used to be able to total the payments in my head (why they don't offer this is another mystery).

Now I have to scroll through this ridiculous menu.

It's like having a cell phone app on a 15.6" laptop. Not goo.

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