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I have been with CapOne for several years, multiple accounts, personal as well as business. Somewhere around December 1st 2017 I started getting locked out of my accounts.

I'd receive emails that it happened, but I had not even been near the online accounts. Not all of them but the same two, one personal, one business. The personal account I can repair with simple online prompts, but the business one requires a phone call. Have to beat the phone up to get a human every time, wait until the recorded voice gets tired telling me the call volume is higher than normal and the wait time will be longer than XXX minutes and then the humans are of varying degrees of helpfulness from very helpful to completely useless.

None have an answer as to the problem, but generally they help me get back online. I don't jump to fix the problem each time because of the frustration as well as the lack of immediate need. Today I called and the stupid woman argued with me about the procedure I was using to logon and why her temporary password wasn't working. "No way it can't work" was her response!

I gave up on her and will try again tomorrow.

In them meantime I am migrating all my banking to another bank and will avoid CapOne going forward. Customer service is nothing more than a title, but means nothing to real service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One 360 Online Banking.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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