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I recently opened a Capital One 360 checking account, since it seemed like a good fit for me. Debit card, no fees for letting a bank invest my money to enrich themselves, online services, and being able to cash my checks from home.

I opened the account with no issues, and they told me through email to deposit money so I could start using the account. I downloaded their app for android and deposited two checks for a total of about $3,000. About 7 hours later I got an email saying my account was restricted, and now they wanted a photo of the front and back of my Drivers License. I figured that was no big problem.

I snapped photos with my HTC D160L smartphone camera, and sent them in. It said they weren't good enough. I thought I could see everything fine, but gave the program the benefit of the doubt. I took more photos, taking great care to take the sharpest and clearest photos possible.

Still not good enough. Maybe it wanted a different layout? I tried from all four angles I thought the program might be trying to take the image in. No luck.

OK, maybe my new phone doesn't have a good camera? It was good enough for the checks they cashed obviously. Why wouldn't it be good enough for my Drivers License? It's the exact same camera!

So I went over to my scanner, and took a 600dpi scan of each side and sent that in. Still not good enough. 5064x6564 scan of my Drivers License isn't good enough. What sort of image COULD be considered good enough if that isn't?

I can't even view the image on my screen without scrolling because it's so large. I notice Capital One waited until AFTER I put money in the account(and they cheerfully informed me to destroy the checks) to suddenly decide I'm not who I say I am. If I wasn't trustworthy enough to have an account, why did they let me open one and deposit money? Why did they wait until after they told me to destroy my paycheck I just cashed with them to suddenly decide I'm suspicious?

I can't understand how a camera is good enough to get all the info off of a check but not a Drivers License. I've been a customer for less than a month and already I regret ever doing business with them. I swear to god they will give me back my paycheck or I will take them to court. Any judge with eyes will be able to see that a photo larger than a computer monitor should be good enough to get information off of, even if Capital One 360 are too incompetent to do so.

If anyone is thinking about opening an account with Capital One, I hope my experience of opening an account and immediately getting screwed over will change your mind and make you seek a better bank. I should also mention their Capital One 360 android app only worked for me the first time, when I cashed the two checks. It never let me login ONCE afterwards. Every single time I input my password, it just asked me for my password again.

I literally have NOTHING good I can say about this company, and I've just started doing business with them.

I'll be doing another review after I call them to see if I can get this straightened out without resorting to a lawyer. Based on everyone else's reviews of Capital One's call centers, I highly doubt my next review will be any more positive.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One 360 Checking Account.

Reason of review: Took my money..

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Youre joking right.

I didn't like: Inviting me to give them money, Then taking it away from me, How is this even legal.

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I can agree. I just opened an account with Capital One .

A 360 checking account. Everything seemed ok at first. Filled out all the required info and received username and password ok. Day later they asked for photo of my ID.

Sent that through ok. Next day... " security clerk " writes saying " we have some issues to talk about call me. Account restricted.

I call that number- no one there to answer. Later someone calls and leaves a messsge to call. This is already suspicious to me and I send them an email that I don't longer want this account and don't appreciate phone tags and"0000ps we hit a snag" BS lol. Anyway they send me a card prompting me to activate the card and deposit some money.

Hahaha.... like General Patton said .. " nuts to you". Meanwhile downloaded the app and can't enter that account at all on app or the login page.

" Don't recognize " my username or password. Whatta shitty company. Best advice avoid these bozos. Imagine having some money in your account and having to get to it in emergency.


F...U Cspitalone. A joke.

to Neb #1443052

Contact the Office of the Comptroller of Currency. https://www.occ.treas.gov/ They are the government office that deals with consumers and banks, and they WILL fight for you.

Give them all your information and evidence, and you'll soon get results. Took them less than 2 weeks to get Capital One 360 to hand over my money. It costs you nothing, your tax dollars pay for this. They have the power to levy fines and worse against banks that don't comply.I sent them pictures of the checks I didn't destroy(even though Capital One 360 asked me to), the emails they sent me, a printout from the issuing bank showing the checks had cleared without any issue within 2 days of being cashed by Capital One 360, and the scans of my ID I took to try and prove my identity to Capital One 360.

Clear chain of evidence showing Capital One 360 cashed the checks, then decided to hold the money long beyond the usual holding time for new accounts, and could provide no good reason as to why. It was open and shut, and thanks to the OCC it was over quickly.Contact the OCC, and best of luck in getting your money back from these crooks.


Automated service does not mean 24/7 service. Stop the false advertising.


So I've filed complaints with Consumer Affairs and the BBB back around the beginning of the month. No response from Capital One to either.

On the 22nd I filed a complaint with the OCC(Office of the Comptroller of Currency, a part of the Treasury dept), and as of the 25th I've gotten a response from the company through the BBB saying they would respond through the OCC's process.

Seems Capital One has been perfectly happy to sit on my money and make no effort to communicate with me or respond to my complaints, right up until the government got involved. That speaks volumes. Were they intending on ignoring me until the statue of limitations ran out? Seems that way to me.

They've certainly given me no reason to believe otherwise.

A message to anyone dealing with Capital One themselves: Get either the OCC or a lawyer involved immediately. Don't wait on Capital One to make things right because they won't. They won't put any effort into giving back money they've taken from you. They claim 24/7 customer support, but seem to be completely unable to contact you outside of normal business hours.

They are an online bank that can't use email.

Get the OCC or a lawyer involved now. You'll be glad you did.


I got a voicemail at 10AM, despite telling Capital One numerous times that I work from 8AM to 5PM and cannot answer calls during that time period. I figure that shouldn't be a problem for a company that CLAIMS to have 24/7 customer support.

The voicemail was from a Mrs.

Jackson, informing me to call 1-888-644-8316, which is the SAME ANSWERING MACHINE I'VE ALREADY LEFT MESSAGES ON.

The 24/7 customer service is false advertising, since apparently they are only capable of making phone calls between 10AM and 2PM.

I also received another call I couldn't answer from one of their offices in Delaware. When I tried to return the call, a machine informed me I could talk to a "sales rep" or call another number if I needed customer support.

Over a month they've had the money(check CLEARED on 7/12/2017, I have proof from the bank), and still no explanation from Capital One as to why they are still holding my money, and still won't give me my money or a way to recover my money short of taking them to court.


I have the original physical check, I have a printed record(from the county treasurer themselves) of the issuing bank having PAID the check to Capital One, I have the debit card they sent me, and the letter stating that "we believe someone opened this account with your info". I have a full chain of evidence showing that Capital One cashed my check, and now will not give me access to it.

I've contacted them by email and phone, and they keep saying they will contact me soon, but it's been a month and I still don't have my money or a single communication from Capital One as to how I can get my money or when I can expect my money.

According to the county, the money has been cleared since the 12th of July. If the money is there and cleared, what reason does Capital One have for holding it for over a month without giving me access?

They have not sent me ANY communication or even tried reaching out to me, and when I try to speak with them they will send me to an answering machine. Every single time.


So after talking with the bank that issued the check, my payroll department, city and county, the final verdict I've heard is Capital One has my money and they need to give it back to me, and no one else can give me my money back. At this point I don't know what to do short of getting a lawyer.

I called Capital One 360 at 10:49AM PST and talked to "Cailan", she said she was going to transfer me to a special team that's working on my case that is available from 8AM to 5PM M to F.

I immediately got transferred to an answering machine that hung up on me.

I called back at 11:00AM PST and talked to a manager named "Daniel" who I told the whole deal to, including the part about getting transferred to an answering machine that hung up on me. He said he was going to contact someone, then promptly transferred me to the same answering machine I just told him about.

I called back at 11:10AM PST, asked for a manager, and got stuck on hold for 12 minutes, then talked to a manager named "Cody" who said the answering machine was the only way to contact the people working on "my case".

They have over $3000 of my money locked away from me, and I can't even talk to a human being capable of solving the problem, with an online/phone-only bank. This is beyond incompetence.


Well, I finally got ahold of Capital One 360 on the phone. After holding onto a month's worth of my pay for two weeks, the person on the phone tells me that they decided to not have an account with me, and close the account without telling me.

And after wasting all my time and keeping a months worth of my pay from me, they don't even have the decency to send me a check for MY MONEY. Instead I was informed I would have to contact the issuing banks and have them do a reversal.

Capital One took $3000 dollars from me, made money off of it, and are now demanding that I do the legwork just to get my own money back.

I should open a bank of my own, this is a good scam! I was given a card to an account I could never use, promised interest I was never given, and I need to get other banks involved just to get my money back from Capital One.


to screwedbycapitalone #1440346

Omg thank you for reporting this. Man I feel your pain and anger !

Get a lawyer then give us an update PLEASE I really hope I mean REALLY HOPES they get what they deserve! Bullsh*t!!

to MissWho #1440552

Ok, I finally got it resolved, and here's how I did it.After getting jerked around by Capitol One and told a bunch of lies(issuing banks can't re-issue a check that's ALREADY BEEN CASHED, you would think a BANK would know these things), I finally got results. How did I do it?The Office of Comptroller of Currency.

This is a government office who deals with banks, and has the power and authority to fine and punish banks that don't cooperate. They fight for YOU. After contacting them and giving them a copy of all the evidence on my side, less than 2 weeks later I got a notice from Capitol One telling me I can access my account and money just fine. I promptly drained the account and moved the money to a credit union.So if you're having trouble with a bank screwing you over, don't resort to a lawyer just yet.

Contact the OCC, they get results! They don't cost you anything either, since they are paid for with your taxes. They will get your money back to you, one way or another. Need help with a bank?

Contact the Office of Comptroller of Currency.

They are your friends. Thank you OCC.

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