They changed the website and didn't tell us. It now looks like something a five-year-old would like to play with, not something for adults to use.

Apparently it was changed so that mobile app users could have more ease of use, but I like being able to look at everything on one screen with lists and tabs or menus that I can easily navigate. This new format is crap.

I will be closing my accounts and taking my money elsewhere after 10 or 15 years with this bank because this does not work for me and there was no notice given. Capital One needs to know that their customers are ADULTS and some of us prefer websites that are not dumbed down to the point that they are unusable.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One 360 Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I totally agree. The new website for a desktop interface is just AWFUL.

I HATE it and cannot work with it.

Mobile was good and desktop was good - now they are the same and it makes no sense. Probably going to close my accounts and try another banking site as this is ridiculous.


If you want to get the old site back use this link https://secure.capitalone360.com/myaccount/banking/account_summary.vm You can also get to this link by click on an account, then on Account Options and then on Documents Save the link and you wont have the issue anymore


Thank you so much for the tip. I was getting very frustrated.

Sooooooo easy now.

Thank you. I'm going to be more exact for people like me (slow)lol Click on any account (Like you said) Click on "Account Service & Settings" Click on "Documents" and Boom....your back to the regular full website we all like and enjoy.


Terrible re-design! Now have to spend an hour navigating or calling to get things done that previously took 10 min. My business can not afford such a waste of time.


I transferred all my money out today. The new site sucks.


I prefer the old format, which much more closely resembles and easy-to-read format of a typical accounts summary page. I have never liked the mobile site layout and am disappointed Capital One made this change to their standard site.


I couldn't agree more. I have sent them feedback everyday since the site has changed.

The changes they made make no sense for desktop use.

They've made it so much more difficult to navigate to my automatic savings plans and goals. If they don't do something to remedy it, I might be looking for a new bank.


I agree that the new site looks like it's made for kids. In a chat with a rep I asked if I could get the site back to where I could see all my accounts on one page instead of the accounts in separate GIANT blue boxes.

I was given the usual run around. I'm going to be leaving Capital One and I've been with them for 13 years.

Also will stop recommending them. This format is just not acceptable.


it sucks i hate the bew design


Yes, I completely agree. This is enough that I would consider closing my account. Not being able to see all accounts on one screen does not make for helpful banking.


now months later, when my husband logs in, he still gets that "new" look –– but it OFTEN doesn't even work? wtf?meanwhile, when i log in, i still get the "old" look, and it always appears to work.

i still have a lot of other issueswith capital one 360 banking.bottom line, we're going to switch banks. we used to have ING bank, which we LOVED... but capital one has justnot lived up to what we want/need.

if you're thinking about switching, just do a little homework – we found wehad quite a few options that have some great benefits. we won't be missing capital one 360!


Site Redesign is the worst.....everything is buried 3 menus deep. Ugh.


I used to love capital one 360 for savings account, but the site re-design is the worst I've ever seen. I can't believe they have kept it this long, there's nothing but bad reviews. Change it back.


I agree. The format is horrible.

1- Why have each account take 2" of screen size.

2- Why eliminate the total amount deposited. This is more important than the availability however show both in the previous version.

- Don't pay inexperienced relatives to format the information.


New website requires you to enter income. I called and was told it was required by government, BS.

I have had this card for many years.

My payments have never been late, I rarely carry a balance.

If I don't wish to receive a credit increase why should they care about my income? I try to keep as much personal information just that - personal!

Rather than lie I have been forced to change my account to PAPER statements.


Absurd changes and not useful at all. In what universe would a consumer not want to know the full balance without having to use a calculator. Moronic!


Terrible site redesign. So much wasted real estate on the screen. i hope they bring back the old site because I'm seriously considering taking my money elsewhere

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