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I joined Capital One 360 (then ING Direct) about 10 years ago and LOVED them. I still do like many aspects of the company.

But their website and app, their bread and butter as a digital bank, SUCKS. Among the problems/things I dislike: 1. No more login screen just for your bank. No, now it's three clicks.

Fire your UX team, please. 2. When I click "Pay Bills," I get logged out. That's a great feature when trying to pay for things so they don't get repossessed.

3. App frequently fails to load on wifi or LTE. I have to go to the desktop site on mobile if I want to do anything. 4.

Customer service has ignored my repeated complaints. They used to be so good. What happened? 5.

They keep switching P2P companies. It used to be through them. Then they switched to another company. And now they're on their third, Zelle, which frequently fails to load at all.

So, now I have no friends because I can never pay them back. Thank you, Capital One! Some of these problems are intermittent. Others persist for days at a time (such as "Pay Bills" - on my third day with this).

Leaving banks is such a giant pain, but I'm so disgusted and annoyed with Capital One 360 that I'm investigating local credit unions. If they seem to get how crucial it is to have a functioning website, I'll be making the switch.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One 360 Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: FIX YOUR WEBSITE. That's all I want!!.

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Be wary of Capital One "No Foreign Transaction Fee".

They DO NOT charge a fee.

The exchange rate they use makes them one of the more expensive options out there

if you are retrieving cash from ATM while traveling abroad.

A $400.00 transaction costs about $15.00 using Capital One.

Most other banks charge a $2.00 flat fee and then on average of 1% of the transaction amount. A $400.00 transaction will usually cost about $6.00.

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