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I just opened a checking account and i had a customer of mine pay me for work i did by bank to bank transfer of 3000.00. The next day it was available and so i went shopping Made several purchases and took out 900.00 cash atm..

The next thing i know my debit card is declined. So i called the bank and they ask me all kinds of questioned which i answered. They then ask me who sent me the money and i told them and i also told them i had his no. I told them id call them right back and no its been 3 days .

ive called and have left several messages and still no call back. We have a 3 day holiday and i cant get none of my money now. This is ***. I dont see how they have a right to question me when i didnt do anything besides recieve the money whats due to me.

Bank to bank transfer dont have anything to do with the reciever when its initated by the sender. Obvislousy this man owed me money. If somethings wrong go after him not me..these people at capital one act like they dont believe me ask all kinds of personal question which is one of there business what i do for a living . even if i gave good phone sex am i obligated to tell them this ?

I dont think order to do a transfer it gets verified first threw the sending person. Then then the reciever . if it gets threw all that then what *** is the problem. Its not like waiting for a check to clear .

thats why bank to bank transfers are more safer and convienet. At least there suppose to be.. Capital one has lost my business for sure. And if there comes to be a problem with the person who sent me the money, well then you better find him, cause im not paying *** back when your system approved everything.

And your customer service is really so unprofessional it undiscribleable. Ive called over a dozen times and not one call back returned for 3 days now. This issue cant be that serious if you dont even return my call.

Thats ok because the longer you people at capital one keep my money from me the better it is for me when in sue your ***...have a good memorial day and youll be hearing from me on tueday and dont expect me to be nice...Capital one employees are not professional they are idiots tey call themselves a team. Your team just lost my teams vote .....

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One 360 Checking Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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