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In a word, it sucks. I am an ING Direct (LOVED them) holdover who transitioned to Capital One 360, because as everyone knows, it's a PITA to switch banks, and the interest rate is still decent.

Everything was going along swimmingly until they started changing their website around. Oh. My. God.

It absolutely sucks. Is this really the work of a huge corporation with billions (probably) in resources? Half the time I can't access the desktop site - I get that nifty little popup about a 'snag' and how I can just try to access MY money and pay my bills at a later time. Thanks, Capital One!

Maybe fire all of your tech folks (or at least the UX team). When I CAN access my accounts, it's frustratingly slow. That little circle icon just spins sluggishly round and round, while I drum my fingers and think about the things I COULD be doing rather than waiting for my bank account to load.

Fix it. Please.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One 360 Website.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Fix the website. .

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Couldn't agree with you more , re: the horrificly programmed and so on & so forth.! Hey, ye javascript programmers - ye need to learn the old ways!


Capital One really dropped the ball here. It's nearly impossible to do anything on their new website.

Changed to Ally Bank and the interface is so much better. Can still have my dozen savings accounts, better interest rate, and actually manage my money.


I have been experiencing the same problem for at least a year now if not longer. I cant even set up recurring direct deposits bc I cant do it through the app and the website wont respond.


I fully agree. The new CapitalOne website is awful.

It looks like it was designed only for mobile devices. Where is the option to visit the full website, or the desktop version? This version sucks!

The old version was simple and functional!! Now, I can't even find half of the settings I should be able to.


I too am an ING Customer from 2009. With 360, I used to be able to see my checking account, all my different savings accounts and my CDs itemized line by line and it would total the sum of all my accounts. Why did they change this?


I too am an ING customer, and I can't get a damn thing done on this 360 site without the BS "snag" message, over, and over, and over, unending. Once I get access, it will be just to transfer all of my money to a bank with a usable website.


In one word, it is such a horrible experience and I am planning to switch to another bank. I was an ING customer and loved the web site and was very user friendly. The new website looks like a school project.


I agree. I was an ING customer too and loved that service.

The recent "upgrade" is terrible. UX design is the worst i have ever seen of a bank in years. Big large boxes to tell me account balances. Try adding a joint user to a CD or updating Maturity Options for CD.

You have to dig deep into some hidden areas to get maturity options done. As for adding a joint holder to a CD i am still in complete shock on what the *** they have designed.

Being in the software industry and hearing about all the tech CapitalOne is investing in; it is shocking to see that they cannot get customer online experience right. And meanwhile they closed a few branches in my area so now have to find another one miles away to go and fix the online mess they landed me in.


I can't even tell what my total balance is any more (I have 1 checking, 5 savings and 5 cds) without whipping out a calculator. It was really nice how it was itemized before with ING and before this new 360 website.


Same here. I’m pulling ALL of my accounts and transferring to another bank.

I miss ING Direct. I never chose Capital One for a reason.


I have been getting error logins since last year! Always the same "oops we've hit a snag" message when I try to login. Called them to fix it, they reset it and it worked for a little while, and now I'm having the same issue again.


Worst design ever. Really. They apparently hate their customers.


Horrible new website. They dont know what Summary means.


Now while trying to access your accounts, you get pushed to different website asking you to log in again. It is cumbersome and difficult to navigate.

Log in now click on account, spinning circle of death. No online chat, no email option for support .

Used to be great, bad enough now I will be closing all accounts. They ruined ING's site


I used to have a savings account at ING. Loved it.I just tried to log into my Capitol One Account and spent over an hour trying to get logging in straightened out.

Two phone calls with long wait times. Rude customer service rep acting like this was my fault. I sill cannot access my statements.

Site said had no information at this time. Try again later.If Capitol One is having tech problems with their website, the rep should just say so instead of talking like these website issues of which there were many are my problem.If this continues, I will change banks.


Terrible website, very slow and it does not log in, it keeps giving error messages


Same here. Loved that ING Direct interface.

The CO360 interface is slow and intermittent.

I hate to switch but it's too much. The phone app is better but not by much.


Completely agree. Time to switch banks.

Of all things, over a website design! That's horrible business.

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